Favorites of the week

Happy Easter everyone! hope you are all doing alright, today I want to share my favorites of this easter week, that has been a lot of fun for me. 😀 The first one that I want to share it's this cute blouse from ZARA you can find similar ones by clicking on the link. 
 Next thing that I want to share with you, it's this gorgeous lip paint by TARTE it's called delish, I received it in my  March Ipsy bag which I went to pick up late 😑 but it's a pretty shade and it dries super fast.
 Next thing it's this cute piggy filter from Snapchap hehehehe it is very funny and cute. 😊

This is a juice that I really enjoy drinking it's an aloe vera juice with mango, it doesn't have any artificial colors neither preservatives or gluten. Plus it's very refreshing and it has little mango chunks in it.
 Next it's this adorable picture of my puppy Marley/ not puppy anymore but still, he is my baby. He just sat there looking at me.

And last but not least the beach my favorite place to be, I got all burned out but it was worth it! Hope you guys enjoy this post, I really enjoy writing to you and sharing my pictures. Have an awesome rest of you day.


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